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Welcome! Are you thinking about wakepark business, or you just need advice or new features? We can help you! Our approach isn’t only focused on selling features and short time profit. We want your project to be as successful as possible. After considering planed target groups, goals and budget, we will consult you in any question related to wakeparks, that will guarantee right development decisions and positive revenue for the project in a long time.

We manufacture in 2 technologies

We use best materials, we have high safety standards, fair price and a strong focus on each wakeboard obstacle individually. We are happy to present high quality wake features produced in two technologies. First – produced 100% from High Density Polyethylene. Second – Metal frame based – smartly connected with HDPE top and special aluminium / plastic panels. In both options there are no screws on top and sides.

We work together with Wakestation

We are proud to be the official wake features supplier for WakeStation – most progressive and highest quality two-pylon system out there. Wakeboarding is rapidly growing sport and getting popular around the world. By having CE mark and TUV certificate WakeStation is number one choice if you want to run wakepark without any stress and troubles. Wireless remote and “rider-self-controled” hand remote also sounds interesting? Read all about Wakestation below!

We are full service supplier

From our experience we can tell you, that the best option to start Wakepark business is to choose a strong partner, who can supply you with all necessary knowledge, products and installation. Consultation, technical planning, system and wake features delivery, installation and stuff training. We offer full package. We believe you have other things to do before your new Wakepark opening!

Tech Specs

Metal Frame Based Features
Designed for two-tower systems
Available also for full-size cable park
Strong Metal Frame
- hot zinc galvanized
Top – 15 mm HDPE, White, UV Ray resistant!
No screws on top & sides
- super safe
Special aluminium / plastic side panels
Round edges
- super safe
Special foams for uplift
- doesn’t absorb water
Full anchoring package included
Long features, great quality, best price
Simply great features for your wakepark
100% Full HDPE Features
Designed for two-tower systems
Available also for full-size cable park
Made 100% from 15 mm HD polyethylene 300
Strong inside construction, closed all around
Produced with plastic welding technology
No screws on top & sides
– super safe
White color (Ral 9003)
- UV ray resistant
Round edges
- super safe
Styropor core – perfect stability
Full anchoring package included
World class features
straight to your wakepark

Have Fun While Browsing!

Easy Flat Box Long 1000 | Wide 100 | High 40
Easy Up & Down Box 1000 | Wide 100 | High 50
Easy Rainbow Box Long 1000 | Wide 100 | High 50
Easy Kicker Long 300 | Wide 200 | High 75
Medium Kicker Long 400 | Wide 200 | High 110
Large Kicker Long 500 | Wide 200 | High 135
Super Large Kicker Long 500 | Wide 200 | High 160
Spine Kicker Medium Long 850 | Wide 200 | High 110
Spine Kicker Large Long 1050 | Wide 200 | High 135
Flat Box Shorter Long 1300 | Wide 100 | High 50
Flat Box Medium Long 1700 | Wide 100 | High 50
Flat Box Longer Long 2100 | Wide 100 | High 50
Cannon Box 3 in 1 Long 800 | Wide 100 | High 100
Cannon Box 3 in 1 - Longer Long 1200 | Wide 100 | High 100
Up / Down Flat Down Long 2000 | Wide 75 | High 150
Flat Rail Shorter Long 1600 | Wide 40 | High 80
Flat Rail Longer Long 2000 | Wide 40 | High 80
Rooftop Rail Long 2000 | Wide 40 | High 125
Cannon Rail Long 800 | Wide 40 | High 100
Cnnon Rail Longer Long 1200 | Wide 40 | High 80
Funbox Long 2000 | Wide 240 | High 150
Rooftop Funbox Long 2000 | Wide 240 | High 150
Double Kick | Down Flat Down Rail Long 2250 | Wide 240 | High 160

These things are included in the price, and you will receive them together with features.


Manual with some tips for daily maintenance, to keep up features looking nice, safe and on the place they are meant to be.


We will send you 10 meters of hot zinc galavnized chain for each anchor. Contact us if your lake is deeper or much shallower then 5m.


4 heavy, concrete anchors with integrated hook for small / medium features, and 6 for larger ones will keep your features in place!


Wrenches tools, carabines and all other connectors to connect all parts for the features and anchors. Manual will help you!


- WakeStation is a portable two tower straight-line cablesystem dedicated for wakeboarding and snowboarding. After introduction to the market in 2011, almost 50 systems are installed in more then 10 countries.
– WakeStation is a perfect tool for both beginners and pro-riders. It goes well together as a part of full-size cablepark or as a stand-alone device for recreational parks, events, demos and private back-yard setups.
– Running several WakeStations at one place gives riders great choice of obstacle shredding or consecutive learning new air tricks.
– Specially designed software allows one person operate several systems set side-by-side at one time. This is totally new direction in 2-tower cable system’s as it gives possibility keep labor cost minimal.
– High-end materials are used; metal-works and mechanics are made using CNC benches to maintain highest quality level. All WakeStation’s steel parts are hot dip galvanized.
– WakeStation has TUV approval and is equipped with CE mark.

- Standard pylon height: 6,75 m
– Alternative pylon height: from 4,0 to 19,2 m
– Cableway length between pylons: 50-300 m
– Vertical pylon inclination angle: ±7°
– Operating speed: 0 – 40 km/h
– Power supply: 3F/16A/400V/50Hz
– Running cable diameter: 8 mm
– Static cable diameter: 10 mm (2 pcs per pylon)
– Allowed outside operating temperature: -15 / +45 °C
– Maximum wind endurance in operating mode: 15 m/s
– System’s maximal wind load capacity: 50 m/s
– Number of operators: 1
– Number of users at a time 1 (or 2*)
* tested and operating with 2 towing ropes on one carrier

- – wakeboarding – most rapidly growing sports in the world;
– minimal legal requirements for setting-up;
– attraction for people of all ages and abilities;
– environmentally friendly device run by quiet electric motor;
– lightweight system set-up and mobility;
– low operational costs – both electricity and labor;
– multi-purpose device: summer wakeparks and winter snowparks;
– wireless control set – operator remote and self-control remote for pro-riders;
– multiple WakeStations control module for one operator;
– more than 30% lower price than alternative devices.

Process till success
Consultation, project estimation
Technical planning, permit coordination
Wakestation delivery
Installation & staff training
Regular maintenance

Cable Snowpark

Keep your park running all year long!

WakeStation is the perfect tool to entertain your customers during wintertime as well! Snowpark, snowtube track or simply wavy truck for skiers and snowboarders – our partner Baltic Snowpark Agency can consult you about such options and help you to develop your idea!

In the perfect way – 2 systems would work as the best solution, as one could be designed for snowtube tracks where targeted audience is school kids, groups and also families with children. Second – for advanced snowboarders and skiers!

Step by step till cable snowpark
Consultation, concept, 3D planning
Setting up system on ground
Rails and boxes production
Artificial snow preparation
Snowpark build up & daily maintenance

Most recent project from Whiteline

It was very nice to work with this park owners from Pakape Wakepark, Šiauliai, Lithuania. Beautiful landscapes and great atmosphere. Wakestation and 3 Whiteline features – M kicker, L kicker and Up / Flat Down Flat features are there for your pleasure. https://www.facebook.com/WhitelineWakeFeatures

Contact Us

If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch with us. In 24 hours we will reply & consult you about the next steps. We will also provide full calculations and terms of delivery for Wakestation and Wake Features!

Like what we are doing? Become a sales representative in your country! Enjoy fun lifestyle job by working in wake park projects development near by you!

Didn’t find what you are looking for? Contact us for any custom features design or any other special question! We are open for new designs, custom made solutions and interesting projects.

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Our Partners Says

It’s cool to work with Whiteline Wake Features team. They provide high quality features for our clients and that is exactly what we need.

Tarmo Selge, Wakestation Co Founder

It is really worth investing. We do not have any stress and HDPE features work perfectly. Everybody is happy now.

Justinas Zalys, Waketown co founder

“We are totally happy. The price, quality and delivery time matched our needs. Whiteline team did a good job and we are looking for more features in next years!”

Paulius Pranckunas., Kupiški Lagoon Wakepark Manager

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